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You're always in the driver seat

Good Directions offers NDIS participants unparalleled choice, control and direction.

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A 100% person-centred disability support model that will transform your experience with the NDIS.

This is what 'choice and control' looks like with Good Directions.

With Good Directions, you have maximum choice, control and flexibility over your support budget, including your choice of staff, rostering and all aspects of support provision. At the same time, you can make decisions knowing that quality and safeguards are at the forefront of our framework.

Own and Manage More of Your Personal Resources

Good Directions is an established NDIS Service Provider that makes you the legal owner of all your supports. Good Directions builds a service around you and makes sure all the resources to do that are legally owned by you. This model means that you have the true choice and control that comes from ownership.

Choose Your Own Staff and Manage Your Own Rosters

With Good Directions' support, you will be the person who recruits, pays, rosters, trains, promotes, disciplines and who they are accountable to on a day-to-day basis, not Good Directions. They will be retained based on your ongoing assessment of their suitability & values.

Receive Ongoing Support and Mentorship

Good Directions has a full suite of experienced NDIS Operations Managers, manuals, templates, industry connections and an exceptional IT program we call ‘The HUB’. This enables us to support the running of a fully audited and compliant NDIS service, and to advocate and support you in the way you utilise your NDIS Plan.

Work Towards Owning the Resources Needed

With ownership comes opportunity for participants to purchase all of your needs, including your own property.

Take the Opportunity to Share Your Service Provider’s Revenue

Good Directions covers the cost of administration & employment, and then chooses to share the revenue usually retained by Service Providers, to assist the participant with a robust service and choice of life goals.

Access Extensive NDIA Service Provider Registrations

You can act with all the choices available to only the largest Service Providers including:
NDIS: SIL, high intensity health supports, SDA, positive use of restrictive practice, specialist support coordination.
Transport Accident Commission (Vic): accommodation, daily support following injury.
Specialised Substitute Residential Care (SSRC) formerly Voluntary Out-of-Home Care (VOOHC): supporting under 18’s whose disability means they can no longer live at home.

Specialist Nursing Support

Good Directions Consultant RN has advanced medical & mental health experience and is ideally suited to manage complex behaviours of concern, chromosomal disabilities, acquired brain injury, foetal alcohol syndrome, cerebral palsy and Angelman syndrome.

achieving excellence

  • 1.1. Governance & Operational management
  • 1.2. Quality management
  • 1.3. Information management
  • 1.4. Incident management
Like all registered NDIS Providers, Good Directions has a Quality Assurance Audit (QAA) every 18 months. In our most recent QAAs, DNV auditors have given a clean ‘no non-conformities’ report and rated Good Directions with four rare ‘best practice’ areas.

NDIS Provider Number: 4050001262

Good Directions uses the current NDIS Price Guide for
claims from participant packages including TTP.