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Good Directions has appreciated some recent staff training provided by ASPECT about how to connect with boys with autism.

One part that was really good was a section on helping the boys to understand the difference between wrestling and fighting. Wrestling can be a really positive activity but how can you communicate the differences to autistic boys who are basically non verbal? Some ideas presented were: 1. use a wrestling mat so that it happens in appropriate places 2. participants are allowed to leave the mat anytime they want  3. have a timer that goes off so that everyone knows when to stop - starting out with only a couple of minutes 4. wear helmet and gloves as uniform 5. practice approved moves - using one on one or video 6. supervise and enjoy.

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A new client has recently been set up with a client-owned home care service. She utilises the private company she ran before her stroke and, with the help of her partner, employs her own staff and supports. The actual cost of employing staff (at above award rates) is so much less than charged by her previous Provider that she is looking to increase her supported hours from 35 to 41.


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