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“Our vision is to continually find new ways for participants to own and manage more of their personal resources.”

Peter Knight, Executive Director

About Good Directions

Good Directions is an established registered NDIS Service Provider set up to allow participants to develop and maintain 100% person centred supports.

Our vision is to apply our model of Good Directions Participant-owned Disability Service Provider and continually find new ways for participants to own and manage more of their personal resources. We do this through a ‘shared management’ approach that enables people to live their lives in a way that they choose, with the right support.

Good Directions Participant-Owned Disability Service model has earned very high accolades. Recent Quality Assurance Audits (QAA) have awarded Good Directions with four best practice areas, and described Good Directions as ‘taking choice and control to the next level’.

If you have high support needs – and you or your family are interested in true choice and control – Good Directions will provide you with a level of support that is unmatched in the sector and that will exceed your expectations.

A Message From Our Director

Over the past ten years, Good Directions has seen participants and their families achieve amazing things. Putting in place suitable motor vehicles, better located housing, dedicated workers, buying emergency ventilator equipment & generators, water therapy spas, repairing damaged property, engaging in community activities. When participants are choosing what they want – their choices are so much more effective than a Service Provider choosing for them.

During this time, we have grown and changed in lots of ways…. but our commitment to participants (or their families) owning the resources that provide their supports is unchanged.