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Client Owned

Participant-Owned Service: Shared Management

A Participant-Owned Service is one where you use your own support package funds to purchase resources and provide care for yourself.

A Share management service is where you choose a Disability Service Provider to assist you in managing whatever aspects of that service provision you are not confident of doing alone. This model means that, with the guidance and support of your Disability Service Provider, you would buy or rent the property, pay the staff, combine with other people, purchase a vehicle, and choose your own activities. Together you find an accountant to do your accounting and payroll, a physiotherapist to provide therapy, a real estate agent to advise about properties, as needed. You can band together with other Good Directions participant-owned services to reduce costs and change the way your supports are delivered in line with the life transitions that come with age.

The graphic representing this model has the person previously giving the professional driver suggestions as the one doing the driving – and the professional driver sitting next to her making suggestions as to where she might like to go. This graphic contains a purple text box with the words “Good Directions participant-owned service model puts you in the drivers seat, but stays onboard as guide and mentor”.

‘Good Directions participant-owned service' model enables the client or their family, friends or interested people to make co-payments to supplement the services they receive and any capital gains made from assets used to provide services – such as housing - belong to them. It is ideally suited to accommodate copayments, Special Disability trust income, inheritance, employment income, other government benefits, investment income and the like.

Good Directions is a Good Directions participant-owned service provider. We exist solely to assist people with disability packages to set up their own entity and to run it efficiently. In our experience you receive a service of your own choosing for a significantly less overhead cost.

If you would like more information or further examples of how this model works in practice please call Good Directions on 1800 1234 05 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As in all options, you can change provider at any time.

Participant-Owned Service: Self Managed

The Participant-Owned Service: Self Managed option allows you to manage every aspect of your support service without a designated Disability Service Provider to assist you.

The NDIS reimburses approved self managed costs rather than paying the NDIS Price list amount. As a result Good Directions does not provide self-managed services.

Expert assistance can be obtained as needed.

The graphic representing this model has the person who was driving in Q3, now driving alone.

As with all service structures, Participant-Owned Services: Self Managed are required by the Funding body to plan their own service in line with your recognised needs. They are required to provide an account of running costs to Funding body.

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